The Only Cooking System You Need For Your Outdoor Adventures

Versatile. Compact. And as the name suggests, a quick-working cooking system.

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Did you know these things are excellent for cooking fluffy quinoa? It’s true.

I’ve had my Flash Cooking System for years, and I’ve used it nearly every time I’ve gone out climbing. From cooking quinoa, to brewing coffee, to heating up a hot rock for a chalk bag, this set-up is surprisingly versatile, and it can make all the difference when you’re outside doing what you love. Since it’s lightweight and compact, it’s perfect both for crag days and longer endeavors—even multipitches, since the system is compatible with Jetboil’s Hanging Kit. 

As the name suggests, the Flash Cooking System works quickly, with an impressive 100 second boil time. You’ll know the water is boiling via the thermochromatic color-change heat indicator located on the sleeve. 

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