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The Secret to Bigger Sends May be in Your Rope Strategy

Level up your rope with your climbing using MAXIM’s new Signature Series

MAXIM athlete Cameron Hörst challenges his Signature Series Pinnacle 9.5mm

Most climbers first get hooked on the sport in the safety of the climbing gym. Beginners can climb to the extent of their strength and stamina using the gym’s ropes. However, at some point you’ll want to get outside to explore and push your limits with your friends. You may rely on your more experienced friends to bring a rope the first few times you get out, but as your skills improve, you’ll want to invest in your own. Choosing the right rope for your level can be confusing. MAXIM’s new Signature Series makes it easy.

The  Signature Series was designed to consolidate MAXIM’s  top of the line features into ‘best in class’ models, while also giving climbers a platform with which to climb lighter and faster. Start with a 9.9mm Glider, transition down to a 9.5mm Pinnacle and eventually down to the 9.1mm Airliner rope  which has about 2.2bs (1kg)  less rope drag.

The Signature Series line was developed with years of input from MAXIM’s global team of athletes, including legendary names like Randy Leavitt, Chris Sharma, Jonathan Siegrist, and Paige Claassen as well as newer crushers like Jordan Cannon, Connor Herson, Cameron Hörst, and Jonathan Hörst. In each of the three versions, MAXIM included the team’s favorite features and in doing so, created the ultimate performance available in each class.  All three ropes include MAXIM’s proprietary 2x-DRY treatment, exceeding UIAA Dry certification, and the features don’t stop there.   Read on to learn more about what you can expect from each rope.

The 9.9mm x 70m MAXIM Signature Series Glider is available in a new bi-pattern color scheme with the well-known TPT sheath weave (short for Twill Pattern Technology). The TPT Sheath means that the weave pattern that the sheath yarns follow is designed to flow with the directional pull of the rope while you clip and climb, eliminating energy wasting rope drag.  The bi-pattern design creates a clear change in the color pattern at the midpoint for easy identification. This rope can be used at any level but is targeted at intermediate and experienced beginner climbers. 

MAXIM Athlete Paige Claassen put the Glider to the test  and told us: “The new Signature Series Glider is a beauty of a rope! It is the perfect all around workhouse, up to any task from sport projects to multi pitch trad routes to ice. Like the name says, the Glider is super smooth – I love that it runs through my fingers like butter, making clipping a breeze. On top of that, the Glider has incredible durability and just never wears out. It’ll be your go-to rope for your long list of climbing objectives!” 

Paige Claassen on Countdown to Ecstasy, 15a with the new MAXIM Signature Series Glider 9.9mm

As climbers become more advanced they are looking for improved handling, less drag and lower weight like the9.5mm x 70m MAXIM Signature Series Pinnacle. This rope delivers all of the performance of the Glider, in a thinner and lighter weight design. The combination of the small diameter and TPT pattern give this rope an ultra-smooth sheath with superior knotability and handling.  The Signature Series Pinnacle is ideal for more experienced climbers and perfectly suited for rock and ice climbing.

Last but certainly not least, is the 9.1mm x 70m MAXIM Signature Series Airliner.  This rope is the preferred model of all our MAXIM athletes. It is triple rated (Twin Rope, Half Rope, Single Rope) and super lightweight (weighing in at only 52.1 g/m) but does not sacrifice a shred of durability. The rope has been tested around the globe and stands out for the unparalleled amount of abuse it can withstand while still delivering peak performance. It is designed for expert use and is the go-to rope for climbing elite.  

The new MAXIM Signature Series combines the top models of 9.9mm Glider, 9.5mm Pinnacle and 9.1mm Airliner into a special package

The best of each kind

The Signature Series ropes give you the best that MAXIM has to offer in three distinct packages at an affordable price.  MAXIM is able to keep the cost low  through dedicated volume manufacturing efficiencies implemented by the expert craftspeople in their factory located in Fall River, MA, USA. These ropes are exclusively available at REI at an MSRP of $245 (Glider), $254 (Pinnacle) and $260 (Airliner)

For more information on these ropes and to check out the rest of the MAXIM line visit or stop by your local REI to see them in person.

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