The Week’s Best Gear Deals: 25% Off Harnesses, Quickdraws, and More

Spring has officially sprung, and it’s time to hang up those crampons and ice tools and re-don the rock shoes. This week is offering stellar deals on everything from climbing shoes to quickdraws so you can stock up for climbing season.

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Wild Country Helium 10mm Dyneema Quickdraw

$22.91 (15% off, was $26.95)

The Wild Country Helium 10mm Dyneema Quickdraw

The Helium Quickdraw is one of the lightest on the market, clocking in at just 2.57oz a piece. They feature Wild Country’s Helium carabiners—the lightest biners made by Wild Country—that have a clean-wire nose to avoid snagging while unclipping from your harness. The quickdraw has a skinny and strong 10cm dyneema dogbone. 

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Red Chili Voltage LV Climbing Shoe

$119.96 (25% off, was $159.95)

The Red Chili Voltage LV Climbing Shoe

The Voltage LV is Red Chili’s most aggressive climbing shoe, designed especially for folks with narrow feet. It’s asymmetrical downturn is designed for steep routes, and the softer rubber of the Vibram XS Grip outsole provides excellent traction on greasy, small, or nonexistent holds. According to Red Chili: “If you can’t send steep projects in the Red Chili Men’s Voltage LV Climbing Shoe, then maybe you need to go back to the gym.”

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Edelrid Mission Set Quickdraw

$17.21 (25% off, was $22.95)

The Edelrid Mission Quickdraw

The Mission Set Quickdraw is an alpine draw from Edelrid, meant to help you tackle your multi-pitch objectives. The extendable dyneema sling lengthens to 60cm to lessen rope-drag up wandering routes and prevent cams from walking out of place.

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Edelrid Ace Ambassador Harness

$97.46 (25% off, was $129.95)

The Edelrid Ace Ambassador Harness

The Ace Ambassador is a limited edition harness from Edelrid, worn by their sponsored athletes. It’s 3D-Vent Technology offers excellent pressure distribution on the leg loops and waist strap, as well as breathability. It is a comfortable piece for both climbing and belaying. It has four gear loops, two ice clip attachments, and a chalk bag loop.

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Black Diamond Mojo Repo Chalk Bag

$14.96 (25% off, was $19.95)

The Black Diamond Mojo Repo Chalk Bag

In terms of functionality, most chalk bags are quite comparable. What makes the Mojo Repo Chalk Bag stand out amongst the rest is that it is upcycled from repurposed scraps of fabric. Any gear that we can purchase that keeps materials out of a landfill is certainly a plus. Additionally, it has a wire rim to hold it’s shape, a loop for brushes, and a drawcord to keep the chalk in the bag.

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