Tip Juice Hand Balm


$10 (25 ml.), $15 (50 ml.); tipjuice.co.uk


Despite splitter weather, maximum strength, and high psych, bad skin sidelined our tester on a trip to the Buttermilks, California. “I couldn’t warm up without that throbbing pain you get from climbing on tattered skin,” he said. “One night with Tip Juice slathered all over my splits and tips, and I healed up enough to try my project the next day without causing more damage and pain.” Every pot is made in Scotland in a small, residential kitchen with vegan ingredients, including hemp oil (to hydrate), kokum butter (to heal), hemp wax (to seal and protect wounds), and essential oils (to soothe irritated skin). It is a bit oilier than other salves, so it’s best to apply lightly right before bed.