Trango Fly - Sport Harness Review

Trango Fly - Sport Harness Review

Trango Fly,

$45, 12 ounces

Overall grade: B


“Solid value” is a good phrase to describe the Fly. For a low-end $45 you get a


that is reasonably comfortable, doesn’t compromise movement, and sports a full-strength haul loop, a rarity in this weight class. The Fly does have a few limitations, however. Testers found that the lining on the swami’s interior was irritating to bare skin, definitely a factor when the temps rise. Also, the gear loops should be updated to molded or woven loops.

For those particularly well-endowed in the thigh-circumference department, Trango also has a “women’s” version of the Fly, dubbed the Mariposa, which worked well for some of our male testers, but the Fly itself was one of the more accommodating rigs when it came to chunky legs.

Trango USA:

(800) 860-3653,

The Test Results

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