Trango Hyper Harpoon - Crampon Review No 226

Trango Hyper Harpoon - Crampon Review No 226

Trango Hyper Harpoon

, $150, 2 pounds 7 ounces

Summary: Trango has clearly put some thought into creating a very versatile, high performance, rigid


. The Hyper Harpoon’s anatomic shape permits very natural foot placements and optimum point contact, either with the standard penetrating dual points or the beefy, offset monopoint, backed up by the medieval-looking secondary and tertiary battle points. The front points don’t adjust, but you can gain a touch of leeway by moving the binding forward or back, and while the step-in binding is clean and bomber, it could use a toe-bail safety strap.

Be careful in soft snow — the crampon’s frame is a cookie cutter and Trango currently doesn’t have an anti-bot for it. Included in the Hyper Harpoon package is an accessory bolt that functions as a crude heel spike, and a free crampon bag.

For alpine versatility, you can pony up for Trango’s Guide Heel Kit (or buy the complete Hyper Guide crampon for $15 less than the already bargain-priced Hyper Harpoon) and you’ll have all of the above in a semi-rigid chassis (not tested).

Pros: Good point penetration. Offset monopoint conversion included. Anatomic frame. Bargain price. Rigid chassis can be converted to semi-rigid with Guide Heel Kit (sold separately).

Cons: Front points not adjustable. Frame balls up, no anti-bots available.

Overall grade: A-

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