New Rebus Puzzles For The Week. Can You Guess Them?

Think you are good at problem solving? Then try decyphering these brain twisters from the climbing world.

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Don’t know a Rebus from an Airbus? Well, A Rebus puzzle is a group of pictures and symbols that add up to a word or phrase. They can be about anything (see the example problems), but the crop of puzzles we have for you today are about climbing. See if you can figure out who they are, and good luck! And check back every Monday, we post a new Rebus puzzle every week.

Example Problems

Rebus sample puzzle.(“Jack in the box” , “I’m in love” and “Think outside the box”)

Ok, get the gist? Now it’s time to see if your problem solving skills on the rock translate to these mental climbing mysteries.


Answers: redpoint, deadpoint, bowline, on-sight,   


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