110% Alchemy Arm Sleeves


The theory is that compression increases circulation while ice reduces swelling and inflammation (which causes pain and muscle soreness), so the combination promotes faster and more efficient recovery for the biceps, elbows, and forearms. Whatever science is behind it, it worked. Our tester had a sharp bicep pain that had been nagging her for almost two years during bouldering sessions, and after a few weeks of regular use after training, the pain disappeared. “Instead of having to sit still while icing, the sleeves made it so easy—I had no excuse not to use them,” she said. They are designed like a normal compression sleeve with strategically placed pockets where you can slide in the “ice inserts,” which are leak-free, spongey pouches that absorb water and freeze. The package also includes a thermal storage bag that keeps the “ice” frozen for up to six hours, which proved handy when our tester didn’t go home right after training. She said, “As soon as I got to my car I could throw on the sleeves and ice to immediately start my recovery." Available in XSXXL (unisex).