Ask An Editor


Ask a Climbing Writer: How Much Money Do Professional Climbers Make?

There’s a lot of misconception about how lucrative climbing can be.


Ask an Editor: How Hard Do You Have to Climb to Work at Climbing Magazine?

"Is there a minimum level in each discipline you have to prove you climb to get on staff?"


Ask an Editor: What Makes a Climb Newsworthy?

Take a peak behind the curtain at how the Climbing editors decide which stories to cover.


Ask a Climbing Writer: How Do I Get Into Alpine Climbing?

"Alpine climbing seems like a great way to escape the crowds, but a little intimidating. What’s a good progression?"


Ask an Editor: How Do New Routes Work?

"What goes into turning an unclimbed piece of rock into a new climb?"

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Ask an Editor: What Guidance Do You Have For New Climbers During COVID-19?

"What is your advice for a new climber that wants to get out there right now but needs a little guidance?"


Ask a Climbing Writer: Has Coronavirus Made It Hard to Find Writing Material?

Ben M. writes: "With COVID-19 forcing the climbing community indoors, has it been hard to find things to write about?"


Ask an Editor: What Are Your Climbing Plans for the Year Amid the Pandemic?

Reader Kelly P. writes: "I just wanted to know how you all are handling [the pandemic], and what your climbing plans are for the year."


Ask an Editor: How Do You Get a Job in Climbing Media?

"It’d be my dream to someday work in climbing media. What can I do to make that dream a reality?"


Ask an Editor: Are Climbing Magazines Still Relevant?

Now that athletes can self-report ascents on social media, does climbing news, as reported by the mags, even still matter?


Ask an Editor: How Do You Test Gear?

What is your gear testing process, or how do you go about it? And how come so many items get positive reviews?


Ask an Editor: What Do You Think About the Olympics?

It seems like there are two camps right now: People who are psyched about the Olympics, and people grumbling that it’s going to make the cliffs even more crowded.

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Ask an Editor: What's It Really Like to Be an Editor at Climbing Magazine?

"What’s it really like—are you guys more desk jockeys or rock jocks?"