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Unbelayvable: The Art of the Callout

“Should I tie in through my hard points or through my belay loop?” “Tie in through your belay loop,” a boy climber responded with conviction.

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Alpine Knee: How to Get Better at Climbing in 2021 (Without Really Trying)

Know you won't stick to a hangboard plan? Try these eight ideas instead.


How to Date A Mountain Guide

Dating a mountain guide can sound sexy, but the reality might not be what you'd imagined.


Unbelayvable: The Tranquility of Nature

"It’s gotten very loud at the cliffs. Is there some way, short of shouting 'Hey, everybody, shut the hell up!' to get climbers to tone down the noise?"


Unbelayvable: Tug of What?

Misinterpreted rope tugs cause one leader to free solo without his knowledge.


Alpine Knee: Speed Isn’t Always Safety

"'I need to be so much faster,' said the voice. Then, for the first time, I stopped to wonder: Why?"


Crusty Corner: Are You a “Crag Boss”—and if So, Which Type?

Part walking, talking guidebook, part traffic cop, and part referee, every cliff seems to have its own crag boss.


Unbelayvable: A Hairy Rappel

"I was in the middle of a free-hanging rappel this weekend when a chunk of my hair got sucked into my belay device."


Unbelayvable: Irie Meditation

"Something was off. I looked at my partner's bloodshot eyes and figured it out. 'Bob, you're high, aren't you?' I asked."

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Interview: Wade Morris Discusses His FKT for the Casual Route on the Diamond

Morris and partner Stefan Griebel summited Longs Peak via the Casual Route in a mere 3:53:59 car-to-car.


Unbelayvable: Six Liters and a Dream

"I was belaying from a ledge high up on the wall at 2 a.m. when my partner called 'off belay.' I was so out of it that I responded by untying myself from the rope."

Sincronia Màgica Cerro Chileno

Sincronia Màgica: Isolation in Patagonia

Sílvia Vidal spent nearly two months alone while completing a solo first ascent on El Chileno Grande, unaware of the unfolding pandemic in the outside world.

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Unbelayvable: The Strolling Belay

"[The belayer] had a figure-eight on a bight clipped to his harness, and he was supporting his partner’s weight by walking backward."


Noon Patrol: I Have No Idea How Hard I Climb

After climbing every bolted route below 5.9 in Boulder Canyon, Kevin Corrigan learns an essential truth about rock climbing.


Unbelayvable: An "Interesting" Anchor

We have some suggestions for whoever built this Carderock toprope anchor.

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Video: Irene Yee Demonstrates Her Photo Selection and Editing Process

Pro photographer Irene Yee, aka @LadyLockoff, shares her processes for both photo selection and editing in Lightroom, using shots from The Firewall in Liming, China.


Unbelayvable: Without a Hitch

"While I sat on the ledge above the anchor with my feet dangling into space, my partner said, 'Hey, you know you're not connected to anything, right?'"


Alpine Knee: Climbing's Women's Movement Has Room for Improvement

Corey Buhay explains why certain elements in climbing's women's movement may be missing the mark.

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Contributor's Corner: Checking in With Writer Corey Buhay

Matt Samet sat down with Climbing contributor, World Cup ice climber, and freelance journalist and editor Corey Buhay to get her take on life as a freelancer during the pandemic.


Contributor's Corner: Bennett Slavsky Talks Michigan Climbing, His RMNP Accident, and Writing

Kevin Riley catches up with Bennett Slavsky, a freelance writer who is waiting out the pandemic in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


Catching Up With Writer and Photographer Sasha Turrentine

Turrentine shares her experience after testing positive for COVID-19 and offers advice to the climbing community.

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Contributor’s Corner: Checking in With Writer Chris Kalman

Editor Matt Samet sits down for a Skype chat with Kalman to discuss the realities of being a freelance outdoor writer during the COVID-19 crisis.