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Livestream: Dry Tooling at The Ice Coop With Tyler Kempney

The Ice Coop is the world's first purpose-built dry tooling gym. Ice, mixed, and comp crusher Tyler Kempney gives us a tour and provides some dry tooling tips.


Livestream: A Talk With Free Climbing Legend Jim Erickson

Jim Erickson discusses his early days climbing in the '60s and '70s and the evolution of climbing gear since then.

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Livestream: Rock and Resole's Colby Rickard

James Lucas sits down with the co-owner of Rock and Resole to discuss everything climbing shoe repair and maintenance.

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Livestream: Coach Dave Wahl on Finishing Climbing Moves

For our inaugural livestream, coach Dave Wahl joins the Climbing staff for a lesson on technique, breaking down the proper way to finish a move.