Not Dead Yet


Snow flukes (aka deadmen) have been around for ages, but most mountaineers today seem to prefer carrying pickets for snow anchors. The new Brooks-Range Deadman ($29.95 to 49.95; will challenge alpinists to add this gear back into the mix. These flukes (available in three sizes) feature a single-cable design—unique in the fluke market—which makes placements faster and stronger in firm snow, especially in the smallest size, since the cable readily slices into the snow. The medium and large sizes are great year-round in heavy and moist snow due to their large surface area, while the smallest size is ideal for late-season névé. The cable wraps around the fluke, tucking into small notches on the sides, for hassle-free carrying on your harness while moving, unlike unwieldy pickets. An added striking surface atop the fluke reduces mushrooming and burrs from bashing them into firm snow, and eliminates shredded gloves. —Kurt Hicks