The North Face Casimir


When carrying just essentials—harness, shoes, chalkbag, and water—for the gym, the multiple compression straps on the side cinched it down to practically nothing to prevent flopping around. Items like hat, gloves, camera, and hand-warming packets were easily accessible in the stretchy side pockets and large pocket on the outside center on outdoor winter excursions. Plus, the gigantic mesh hip-belt pockets were ideal for phone, keys, granola bar, and belay card on gym days. It held a rope between the lid and the body of the pack easily, whether it was a 40-meter indoor rope or a full-length 70-meter cord. Available in men’s (36 liters) and women’s (27 liters), the Casimir sports an adjustable torso-length frame (17 inches to 20 inches), so the one size fits a variety of heights.