11-Year-Old Climbs 5.14 at the Red


4/11/12 - Young climber Cameron Hörst has had a very successful trip to the Red River Gorge.On April 6, the 11-year-old climbed his hardest route yet with Ultra Perm (5.13d), then hopped on and sent Golden Boy (5.13b) the same day. Several days later, Cameron pushed his limit even farther and managed an ascent of God's Own Stone (5.14a).

On his 8a.nu scorecard, Cameron comments that God's Own Stone felt "slightly easier than Ultra Perm. It fit my size and strengths better." Dad Eric Hörst, well-known climber and author of numerous training and how-to books, reports that Cameron redpointed God's Own Stone his first try on Monday, with four attempts overall. Ultra Perm took seven tries.

Eric also reported that his other son, 9-year-old Jonathan, climbed his first 5.13a with Skinboat a day before Cameron's ascents.

This comes just two weeks after Brooke Raboutou's exceptional success on God's Own Stone, becoming the youngest female to climb 5.14.

Dates of ascents: April 2012

Source: Eric Hörst