2003 Golden Piton Awards - Competition Climbing


Levet at the 2003 Arco Rockmaster.Photos by Marco Kost


Sandrine Levet


Sandrine LevetDual wins in Edinburgh World Cup, Women’s Difficulty and Bouldering

Unbelievable is the word most people use to describe Sandrine Levet’s dual victories in both the bouldering and route events at December’s World Cup. The unprecedented feat is akin to a runner winning both the 100-meter sprint and the mile. Or, imagine trying to climb at your absolute hardest bouldering and redpoint grade for four consecutive days, add a massive dose of international pressure, complete with paparazzi, blaring music, large crowds, and a cash purse. Levet is a long-recognized, cool-headed competitor who is not only professional, but also noted for her good sportsmanship and dignity. “I remember seeing her climb past a rest in the Valence World Cup. Blowing the rest cost her dearly, as she whipped out of there a few moves later. She ended up scoring third in the event,” recalls Climbing correspondent Gail Rothschild, “but I saw her after the final, laughing and having a beer.” Past comps aside, Levet clearly didn’t miss any important Beta in the Edinburgh event, held at the spectacular $40 million Adventure Centre Ratho. Once again, however, she blew the chance to rest. On Thursday she competed in the Difficulty quarterfinal for the route-climbing event, and then Friday, as her competitors recovered, she qualified for the Bouldering final. Saturday morning found her on the route semi-final, and that afternoon she sewed up the victory. Early the next morning Levet appeared for the Bouldering finals, which stretched on until near midnight. On her fourth consecutive day on, Levet won the Bouldering final, fully scorching her muscles but demonstrating that a multi-disciplinarian can still prevail.