2007 New River Rendezvous


Highlights from the 2007 event.Photos By Devaki Murch


May 18th - 21st — The event gods smiled down on the 5th annual New River Rendezvous providing splitter weather and a large crowd of over 1000 happy, relaxed climbers who enjoyed the three day schedule of comps, clinics, parties and general hanging out and goofing off, all for the benefit of New River Alliance of Climbers.

The crowd started pouring in early on Thursday and by Friday’s kick-off event, Dessertapalooza, over 350 tents were up, the parking was filled and the gates closed. Well-organized volunteers kept the scene flowing smoothly for the duration, with Saturday’s packed line-up miraculously staying on schedule: dinner followed by sumo wrestling leading into the dyno comp, culminating with a hot opening set by Odub and a rocking dance party with Atomic Jo. Event organizers report that the fundraising total was stellar as was the cooperative, self-policing nature of the crowd. Plans are already underway for Rendezvous 6!

For more photos of the event see the gallery by Devaki Murch