2007 World Youth Championships


“Look, mom! No, over here, I’m on route four!” The competition wall at the World Youth Championship, Ibarra, Ecuador. Photo courtesy of www.ifsc-climbing.org.

2007 World Youth Championships

American climbers landed four podium positions at the World Youth Championships in Ecuador, more than holding their own with superstars like Charlotte Durif of France and Adam Ondra of the Czech Republic. The championships, in both difficulty and speed, were held on an outdoor wall near the colonial city of Ibarra, at an altitude of more than 7,200 feet.

Unfortunately, rain forced the cancellation of the finals in three divisions, including the closely fought Female Youth A (16- and 17-year-olds), in which Americans Marah Bragdon and Melissa Main finished the semifinal round just behind Charlotte Durif, winner of last year’s European Championship. When the final was cancelled, Durif was declared the winner, leaving the Americans happily in second and third.

Sasha Digiulian was the other American on the podium in difficulty, taking third among the females age 14 and 15. Tiffany Hensley placed third in speed in Female Youth A.

Meanwhile, the incredible Austrian climbing program continues to produce great young competition climbers. Austrians won three of the six difficulty categories at the World Youth Championships.

For more photos and the full results, including speed climbing, visit www.ifsc-climbing.org. Click on “Media Village” to see photos.

Date of Event: August 23-26, 2007

Female Juniors (Born 1988-1989) 1. Christine Schranz (AUT) 2. Yana Chereshneva (RUS) 3. Anne-Louise Hoarau (FRA) 8. Paige Stiers (USA) 10. Laura Lingeman (USA)

Male Juniors (Born 1988-1989) 1. Sachi Anma (JAP) 2. Felix Neumärker (GER)3. Tsukuru Hori (JAP) 4. Ji Mah (CAN) 7. Ryan Roden (USA) 8. Matt Johnson (CAN)

Female Youth A (Born 1990-1991)1. Charlotte Durif (FRA)2. Marah Bragdon (USA)3. Melissa Main (USA) 9. Tiffany Hensley (USA)

Male Youth A (Born 1990-1991)1. Jakob Schubert (AUT)2. Mario Lechner (AUT)3. Thomas Tauporn (GER) 10. Ben Hoberg (USA)

Female Youth B (Born 1992-1993)1. Johanna Ernst (AUT)2. Alexandra Ladurner (ITA)3. Sasha Digiulian (USA) 9. Francesca Metcalf (USA)

Male Youth B (Born 1992-1993)1. Adam Ondra (CZE)2. Masahiro Higuchi (JAP)3. Max Rudigier (AUT)7. Julian Bautista (USA) 8. Eric Sethna (CAN)

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