2008 ARI Program Featured in Arizona Newspapers

Sierra Vista Herald

Sierra Vista Herald

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Published:Wednesday, January 16, 2008 10:18 AM CST The Anchor Replacement Initiative, a program dedicated to the replacement of worn and inadequate fixed anchors at popular climbing areas across the country, has contributed to Arizona's Cochise Stronghold. In November, local volunteer Jerry Cagle recently replaced the bolts on Arizona's famous "What's My Line?" route on the Cochise Dome, which also is called "What's My Line Dome." Cagle first saw Anchor Replacement Initiative advertised in Climbing Magazine and decided to participate because he wanted to upgrade some of the classic local climbs in the Tucson area. "ARI made it possible to realize that goal," said Cagle, who was able to upgrade a climb of special significance to him and says he is grateful for the donations and support of The North Face and Petzl. Cagle moved to Tucson about five years ago and having never acquired a taste for gyms, began climbing local spots such as Cochise Stronghold and Mount Lemmon. Although an Arkansas native, Cagle considers Cochise home and has become an active part of its climbing community. "ARI makes it possible for people who care about climbing and the climbing community, but might not have the resources to purchase the hardware, a way to give back to the community through their labor," he said.

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He also said his work with the ARI was "very fulfilling," and he would "absolutely" work with the Anchor Replacement Initiative again. Cagle plans on continuing to give back to the climbing community through re-bolting and anchor replacement work. Climbing Magazine started Anchor Replacement Initiative in 2003 with the support of The North Face and Petzl. With these sponsors, the Anchor Replacement Initiative has been able to give back to the climbing community in a tangible way and help ensure safety with superior quality fixed hardware. Over the past five years, Anchor Replacement Initiative, with local climbers across the nation, has been able to replace 253 anchors and more than 1,000 bolts. (Elyse Guarino works with Skram Media, which publishes Climbing Magazine and Urban Climbing Magazine. Climbing Magazine started the ARI(Anchor Replacement Initiative.)