2008 Rifle Clean Up Recap

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Wolverine Publishing


This is what we did:

  • Built a nice staircase trail from the Nappy Dugout up the hill to the climb PMS, then down the other side to the base of Kingfisher.

  • Built stairs up the trail on the left side of the Proj- ect Wall.

  • Built a retaining wall/platform to prevent erosion and ease access at the base of the Project Wall.

  • Expanded the Project Wall parking area to 4 spaces.

  • Repaired the damaged bridge to the Sno-Cone Wall.

  • Cleared brush from the Upper Koper Trail.

  • Replaced old, rusty, or poorly located bolts on many classic climbs.

  • Cleaned up tons of trash.

  • Hosted a packed house BBQ and raffle with over 140 people. Voluntary donations towards next year’s canyon improvements exceeded $500.

—Wolverine Publishing