2010 Arco RockMaster Champions and Legends Winners


7/19/10 - This weekend saw competition greats gathering in Arco, Italy, for the RockMaster 2010, one of the most prestigious competitions in the climbing world. The event acts as a precursor to the IFSC World Championship 2011 in Arco, and top names are invited to compete from across the globe.

Another part of the weekend included the Arco Rock Legend awards, where 23 climbing magazines decide the winner of the Salewa Rock Award and the La Sportiva Competition Award. American crushers Daniel Woods and Chris Sharma were both up for the former, but the honor went to Adam Ondra. The La Sportiva Competition award was given to Japanese climber Akiyo Noguchi, who stood out to the jury for her “victories and her positive competition spirit.”

In addition to the lead, speed, and bouldering categories comp watchers are accustomed to seeing, the event also has a “duel” competition. Though athletes don’t yet medal in it, the duel combines lead and speed climbing in a way that might become a future format for competitions. Two athletes climb on identical, side-by-side routes with the simple goal of reaching the top first. Only the top eight lead climbers at the RockMaster competed in this final event, with Adam Ondra (seen in the above video) and Katharina Posch clipping their way to first.

Men's Lead Results:

  1. Ramon Julian Puigblanque (Spain)

  2. Jakob Schubert (Austria)

  3. Adam Ondra (Czech Republic)

  4. Sachi Amma (Japan)

  5. Romain Desgranges (France)

Women's Lead Results:

  1. Jain Jim (Korea)

  2. Katharina Posch (Austria)

  3. Angela Eiter (Austria)

  4. Alexandra Eyer (Switzerland)

  5. Christine Schranz (Austria)

Men's Bouldering Results:

  1. Cédric Lachat (Switzerland)

  2. Rustan Gelmanov (Russia)

  3. Tsukuru Hori (Japan)

  4. Francois Kaiser (France)

  5. Kilian Fischuber (Austria)

Women's Bouldering Results:

  1. Anna Stöhr (Austria)

  2. Olga Shalagina (Ukraine)

  3. Akiyo Noguchi (Japan)

  4. Olga Bibik (Russia)

  5. Chloé Graftiaux (Belgium)

For more results, including results on speed and duel, visit arco2011.it