2010 Arc'Teryx Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival


The 14th Annual Arc'Teryx Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival will be held Dec 9-12 in Hyalite Canyon and the Emmerson Cultural Center and features a stellar line-up of clinics, slide shows, gear demos, and athletes. As always, our Women's Clinic features some of the best gals in the business with Majka Burhardt, Caroline George, Sarah Hueniken, Lilla Molner, Mattie Sheafor, and Emily Stifler teaching skills clinics. Each night participants will be treated to evening entertainment including a movie premier by Emily Stifler, Chris Alstrin's Tribute to climber Guy Lacelle, and slide shows on the adventures of Will Gadd, Jim Shimburg, and Adam Knoff. On ice clinics will be held Thursday through Friday and cover everything from beginning ice to mixing Trad rock and ice climbing, to how to navigate your way around the cliff. Come experience the magic of Hyalite canyon and learn new tricks from world class athletes, and try out all the latest gear! Visit bozemanicefestival.com for more.