2011 Ice Climbing World Cup Opens in Korea


1/13/11 - News link: The 2011 Ice Climbing World Cup kicked off last weekend in Cheongsong, Korea. Austria's Markus Bendler and Russia's Maria Tolokonina stood atop the Lead podium, with Russian climbers Maxim Tomilov and Irina Bagaeva winning Speed. Bendler was the overall winner of the 2009 and 2010 Lead Ice World Cup.

Thirty-four women and 42 men competed from a record number of different countries. Known for their aptitude in speed climbing, Russians dominated the speed podium, taking the top three in both men's and women's categories—for the past two years, Russians have taken the top three places in the overall Speed World Cup rankings.

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Women's Lead

  1. Maria Tolokonina (Russia)

  2. Woon Sheon Shin (Korea)

  3. Lucie Horzova (Czech Republic)

Men's Lead

  1. Markus Bendler (Austria)

  2. Hee Yong Park (Korea)

  3. Maxim Tomilov (Russia)

Women's Speed

  1. Irina Bagaeva (Russia)

  2. Natalya Kulikova (Russia)

  3. Maria Tolokonina

Men's Speed

  1. Maxim Tomilov (Russia)

  2. Pavel Batushev (Russia)

  3. Maxim Vlasov (Russia)

Source: planetmountain.com