24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell - 2008



The 24HHH Hell hits back harder than ever this year on September 26-28, 2008. This unique climbing event tests endurance, pain tolerance and mental stamina as you log continuous routes in a 24 Hour timeframe on the steep sandstone of Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas. New ideas and rules, mega sponsors and swag, and fresh Friday night festivities promise 2008 to be the biggest and best yet!

Visit twofourhell.com to get the skinny on one of the best — and best kept secret — comps in the country. Registration opens August 5th and will fill up in fast fashion, so get off your thumbs and sign up!

Read a recap of the 2007 event by Brian A. Stuenkel; View a photo gallery from the 2007 event by Luke Laeser

Highlights from the 2007 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell.


The basic premise for 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell is leading a route clean for points, and doing that in succession for 24 hours straight. Team members will not have to climb the same routes, but will only get points for lines that they climb. Individual scores will be tallied as a team total. This way a 5.9 climber can match with a 5.12 climber and make a team. Strategy is the key. In addition, within the team competition there will be an individual category. Participants must register and compete as a team, but will also be rewarded on individual performance.

CALLING ALL 2008 VOLUNTEERS!NEED A NEW JACKET?2008 marks a big year for our volunteers. We will ask more of our volunteers this year, which means we are looking for responsible people with climbing experience who are committed to helping us put on a first rate event. We also decided to hook up our 2008 volunteers with a little bit of swag. This year, Patagonia is providing an outerwear piece for each volunteer for their services! We are asking that each volunteer roam a pre-designated area in two 6 hour shifts, spaced 6 hours apart. Outerwear will not be handed out till the end of the event when your dutied have been fulfilled. Our volunteer count will cap out at 45 committed people. See below for more details..... Our volunteers play an integral role in the success of 24HHH. Safety is the number one priority in a 24 hour climbiing event. Large numbers of volunteers roaming and patrolling the crags during the event not only drastically improves the safety factor, but also adds a flare of fellowship and personality for the competitors. A volunteer will answer climber questions, ensure that rules are followed and run the check in stations during the event. Most importantly, volunteers will just walk around meeting new people, chatting with the competitors and having a good time. Ask any 24 Hour competitor and they'll tell you that a volunteer coming to hang out, keep them awake and talk to them at 3 am is a God send.... If you are interested in volunteering this year, please contact Shannon Peters at rock.n.tri@gmail.com