5.14b for Utah Mom JC Hunter

Jacinda Hunter receiving a congratulatory "pound" after sending Breaking the Law (5.14b). Photo by Joe Kinder / joekindkid.com

News Link: Jacinda “JC” Hunter has completed the first female ascent of Breaking the Law (5.14b) at the Black and Tan area southwest of St. George, Utah. Hunter, 30, is the mother of four children. She spent many days this winter working on the route, first redpointed by Dave Graham.

See photos and video at Momentumvm.com.

Date of Ascent: February 24, 2009

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Jacinda Hunter on The Wind Below (V8), Joe's Valley, Utah. Photo by Ryan Wedemeyer / ryanwedemeyer.smugmug.com

Jacinda Hunter on The Wind Below (V8), Joe