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5.14c at Age 12


Geoffray de Flaugergues climbing on La Novena Puerta in Santa Linya, Spain. Courtesy of Savoieclimbing.com.

5.14c at Age 12

Once again a phenomenally strong young European climber has climbed a hard 5.14: This time it’s Geoffray de Flaugergues from France, who redpointed La Novena Puerta (8c+/5.14c) at Santa Linya, Spain, during his February school vacation. De Flaugergues is just shy of his 13th birthday and stands only 4 feet 11 inches tall, forcing him to make three dynos to reach holds during his redpoint of La Novena Puerta. De Flaugergues made 10 attempts on the route in all.

Asked if he got beta from the other strong climbers hanging around Santa Linya, he said, “Because of my size, I have to look for methods that generally only suit me, but Chris Sharma showed me a rest in the route that I hadn’t seen.”

De Flaugergues has repeated at least three other 5.14 routes, in Spain and France, and has onsighted nearly a dozen 5.13c climbs.

De Flaugergues redpointed La Novena Puerta about a month before his 13th birthday. Courtesy of Savoieclimbing.com.

5.14c at Age 12

Date of Ascent: February 29, 2008

Sources:Savoieclimbing.com, 8a.nu

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Hanging out with Gecko, the dog owned by the great Czech sport climber Tomás Mrázek. Courtesy of Savoieclimbing.com.

5.14c at Age 12