5.14d Redpoint for Italian Climber


1218/12 - Italian climber Jacopo Larcher has redpointed his second 5.14d with an ascent of Jungle Speed in the La Capella sector of Siurana, Spain.

The 23-year-old recently did a stint in the Red River Gorge, taking out some of the area's hardest climbs, including Southern Smoke Direct (5.14d) and Pure Imagination (5.14c). Now, he'll spend a month in Siurana, working on area testpieces. His ascent of Jungle Speed is likely the route's fourth, after Daniel Jung (first ascent), Pirmin Birtle, and Sasha Gerzha. The route is short and very bouldery.

Larcher began his climbing career with competitions, and is now moving more into the sport and alpinism realms.

Date of ascent: December 16, 2012

Source: 8a.nu