#5 Trango Big Bro Recall Notice



It has come to our attention at Trango, that one hundred #5 Big Bros made in March and October 2008, have improperly aligned inner tubes. Through an error in CNC machining, the inner sleeves on these units are rotated slightly to the side. This rotation causes the ends of the unit to be slightly out of parallel. Although barely noticeable in use, this off center orientation is not to spec and should be corrected. It could cause additional instability in some placements, particularly more parallel-sided cracks. As always, climber safety is our top priority, so, we are recommending that all recent #5 owners inspect their units, and if they are out of spec, return them to us at Trango for replacement of the inner tube. See below for instructions on identifying the problem. #5 Big Bros manufactured before March 2008 and all other sizes are not affected. We greatly appreciate your support in finding and returning the offending units to us. It is our highest priority to make the repairs and return them to you as soon as possible. Our manufacturer is already working on replacement inner tubes so that we can complete the repairs as we receive units back.

These units are not batch marked, so the out of spec units must be identified by visual inspection. If the unit was delivered to the shop or purchased before March 2008, then it’s fine. If it was delivered to the shop after March 2008, then it will have the flaw. If it was purchased after that date, but was from stock received prior to that, then it too is fine. If you’re unsure of the purchase date, please check your Big Bro or call us at Trango.

To determine if your #5 Big Bro is OK…

  1. While holding the unit so that the cord holes are vertical and the release button is on top, looking down on its length, the thinnest portion of the bevel of the inner tube is directly in line with the release button. This correct.

  2. In the affected units, you’ll notice that the thinnest part of the bevel is off to the side, not at 12 o’clock, but shifted to 1 o’clock or so.

See the photo at top right for reference. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 800.860.3653, x 10 for Customer Service. Also refer to our website (www.trango.com) for a list of FAQ on the problem.

We have checked our stock and determined that it’s only the #5s manufactured in March and October 2008 that are affected. No other sizes are affected. #5 s from earlier batches are not in question. All Big Bros will be batch marked from now on.

Please return affected units to Trango for replacement. Ship to:

Trango740 South Pierce Ave. #15Louisville, CO 80027Attn: BB warranty

Please remove the sling and clearly mark them with a tag or label with your name and return shipping address. Also include your phone number and e mail.

We will return the repaired units to you as soon as possible. The repaired units will have a newly manufactured inner tube and screw collar. The resulting unit is as good as new. You can have full confidence in your Big Bros, as always.

Thanks for your understanding and patience. Trango continues to have the highest commitment to making Extraordinary Climbing Gear and appreciates your loyalty to our products.

Casey Newman Brand Manager Trango Boulder, CO