5.13c Onsight, 5.14a Redpoint for DiGiulian


8/8/11 - Fresh off the Arco World Championships in Italy, Sasha DiGiulian flew to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. On Saturday, DiGiulian took a break from the Salt Palace's bustling crowds and headed out to Maple Canyon.

The 19-year-old headed straight for the Pipe Dream cave, which is well known for its concentration of hard routes. DiGiulian's warm-up consisted of climbing Sprout (5.13a) and an onsight of Toxic Turkey (5.13c). She then jumped on Millenium (5.14a), which she first tried two years ago. "I got on Millenium with the intention of working out the sequences first," she said on her blog, "but when I made it through the first half not having fallen or taken, I just kept climbing."

DiGiulian was hesitant to make the last move, a committing jump, on the "cruxy, power-endurance" line, but after taking a rest, she gunned for the top, sending the route. Next up was Wyoming Sheep Shagger (5.13d), which she sent second go, saying it felt harder than Millenium.

Sunday, she headed to the airport to fly to Austria, where she will compete in the European Youth Championships in Imst.

Date of ascents: August 6, 2011

Source: sasha-digiulian.com/blog