A Breed Apart


Fear the flare, that heartbreaker placement which accepts just two cam lobes, leaving the others to skitter. Or, fear it no more, thanks to the hyper-engineered METOLIUS CLIMBING OFFSET MASTER CAMS ($59.95, metoliusclimbing.com), specialized tools for non-uniform cracks, flared placements, and pin scars (“manmade flares”). As with all Master Cams, you get a single stem to minimize walking, molded thumb piece, Range Finder, machined cam stops for passive holding, and four lobes. Here, however, one lobe set’s a full size down from those opposite — during testing, the Offsets killed it in Independence Pass’ irregular, gneissic cracks. The Offsets also sport intuitive color-coding — e.g., the No. 3 has its standard orange tubing, but a yellow sling (the No. 2’s color) denotes the size of the offset lobes. Sizes No. 00 through 6.

—Matt Samet