AAC Announces $25,000 Grant Program


6/8/11 - The American Alpine Club is now accepting applications for their new grant, the Cornerstone Conservation Grant. This grant is targeted toward those looking to improve or protect climbing areas and resources. The AAC will be giving grants ranging from $1,000 to $15,000 ($25,000 total) to individuals, clubs, and organizations in the U.S. who need aid with work such as creating new trails, anchor improvement, crag conservation, and parking.

"The most successful proposals will have substantial local climbing community support, show use of best practices, demonstrate a sustainability plan, and have measurable and achievable goals. Projects require a landowner partner and must show completion within 18 months. Only projects in the United States will be considered. All proposals must be endorsed by a local AAC Section."

To apply, your project must have a landowner partner and must be completed within 18 months. If your cause fits these requirements, send in a proposal by August 15, 2011. Instructions available here.