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Photo by Kieth Ladzinski.


Click Here for ANDY MANN'S BlogsAndy Mann is a professional photographer and film producer who has been working his way onto the rock-climbing scene in the last couple years. Last year, he nailed feature covers for Climbing and Urban Climber, produced the documentary film Rocky Mountain Highball, and was recently featured on at Momentum Video Magazine (momentumvm.com) for his work. Right now he is on photo assignment for Climbing, and for the next seven weeks will be living in the heart of the world's greatest bouldering destination, South Africa's Rocklands, with over a dozen of the world's best climbers.—Matt Samet

In April of 2006, Chuck Fryberger called me and said that a guy by the name of Andy Mann was interested in coming to South Africa with us to assist. “To assist? Like luggin’ gear?” It wasn’t a question, more of a “get a load of this windfall.” type statement. In the course of 10 weeks Andy and I became thick as thieves. He was one of the few people down to venture outside of the Rocklands on rest days, so together we explored Capetown, had baboon encounters, and went on a guided great white shark diving tour in the False Bay, which was no joke. Andy has since picked up photography full time, and after seeing his recent work, it is no surprise to me that he has this month’s cover story for UC Mag. I now consider him competition and I’m planning on destroying his camera as soon as possible. I think filling it with sand should do the trick. —Keith Ladzinski

Click Here for ANDY MANN'S Blogs

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