About Ethan Pringle



Born and raised in the Mission district of San Francisco, Ethan Pringle has been climbing since he was 8 years old. Ethan began competing at age 12. He was undefeated junior national and international champion four years in a row (1998 -2001). Since then he has been on the U.S. climbing team every year, placing top three in almost every comp he's entered. Some of his most memorable and proud achievements are: 1st Mammut Sendfest, Salt Lake City, 2006; Silver Medalist, Youth World Championships; Amsterdam, Nederlands, 2000; 1st Jr Subaru Gorge Games; Hood River, Or, 2000; 4th PCA (Pro Climbers Ass’n) Salt Lake City, 2002; 2nd USCCA National Championships; Miami, 2003;

He red-pointed his first 5.13 at age twelve, and his first 5.14 at age thirteen. Some other proud sport-climbing achievements include over 200 5.13/5.14 redpoints: Realization, 9a+/5.15a, Ceuse, France; Los Borrachos De Mascun, 8c+/9a/5.14c-d, Rodellar, Spain; Necessary Evil, 5.14c, VRG, Arizona; Bah Bah Black Sheep/ Chronique De La Haine, both 8c/5.14b, (both 1 day asc), Ceuse, FR ...

Ethan has also made over100 5.13/5.14 onsights and flashes, including: Iron Man, 5.14a/b onsight, Rodellar, Spain; Pequena Estrella/ Philipe Cuisinere, both 5.14a onsight, Rodellar, Spain; O Draconian Devil, 5.13d/14a, Kalymnos, Greece; Rendez Vous avec le Platon, 5.13d, Kalymnos, Greece; Captain Fantastic, 5.13c, VRG, Arizona; Loscot and 2 smoking barrels, 5.13c, El Diable, Mallorca, Spain

On the boulders Ethan has over 75 V8-V14 boulder problems under his belt including: Midnight Lightning, V8 (age 15), Yosemite, CA; Red Rum Sit, V10 (flash), Happy Boulders, CA; Big Joe, V10 (onsight), Joe’s Valley, Utah; Full Service, V10 (flash), Hueco Tanks, TX; El Chupacabra, V11 (flash), Hueco Tanks; Wet Dream, V12/13r (1st ascent), Red Rocks, NV; Clockwork Orange, V12r (1st ascent), Red Rocks; Slashface, V14, Hueco Tanks, Evangalion V13r (2nd ascent), Hueco Tanks (same day); Bully, V11, Triple Threat Arete, V10 (both flashed), Birds Nest, V11r (same day), Lower Cottonwood Canyon, UT ... ...

"I have fulfilled many long-term goals of mine: tie or beat Sharma in a comp (not really), climb V14 and on-sight 5.14, and climb the enigmatic Realization. My goals are to keep raising the bar for hard climbing, podium at a world cup, become a better surfer, live a eco-friendly life, go to college, cherish my family, friends, and animals, keep traveling, and enjoy new experiences"


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