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Photo courtesy of Greg Burns

Photo courtesy of Greg Burns

Photo courtesy of Greg Burns

Photo courtesy of Greg Burns

Greg had a mud waterfall roll over the top of the cliff, run down his sleeves, and squirm into his pants on his very first climb at Rosyth Quarry in Scotland in 1999. Since then, climbing has become his main escape in life. He tried other escapes: work, mountain biking, and baseball. The cubicle had too many distractions with it's furious explosion of e-mails, spreadsheets, and databases. Biking had a rhythm, but it also had cars so it was impossible to forget about other people. Baseball was a team sport. Too much attention was dedicated to what the other players might do. Climbing centralized his life. The concentration sharpens his mind and narrows the field of interests to the next hold. Liberation has never been so focused.

While he takes the obligatory trip away from the northeast each year, he can mostly be found waking up over the bumpy roots that line the ground at Camp Slime in the 'Gunks. He also frequents North Conway, Cannon Mountain, the Adirondacks, and a few of the smaller crags that dot New England. He still proudly calls Bar Harbor, Maine home and has travelled extensively throughout Europe. Greg is now planning a one-year getaway to Chile in order to pursue his dream of becoming a literary-fiction writer. Yes, he's bringing his climbing gear and hopes to link up with the Chilean climbing scene. He promises that there will be stories from the Latin world. He currently resides in Boston.

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