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Gregory Bahr. Photo courtesy of gtotheregory.blogspot.com

Gregory Bahr. Photo courtesy of gtotheregory.blogspot.com

My name is Gregory Bahr! I was born in Illinois and moved to Wisconsin in the third grade. Shortly after my parents split and I raised by my mother. My mom is with a doubt the biggest influence in my life. She has always inspired me to do whatever I want in life as long as I took it seriously and devoted myself fully. I was the normal average kid all threw grade school and started to become a bit of a rebel when I hit high school. I graduated high school two years ago and decided to take the first year out off to find out what I wanted to do in life. Threw countless days of searching my mind for direction and a purpose in life the only thing I ever found was the sport of rock climbing.

After being instantly sucked in to climbing, a month or two later I found myself in Bishop, CA for a month long road trip. It was here when I realized that my direction in life was climbing and nothing else. After the trip I went back to Wisconsin and tried to fully immerse my self into the sport. I started managing a local climbing gym and worked at a North Face outlet. I spent numerous days in the gym and tried to spend every weekend on the local rock. I worked at the gym for most of the year and when winter hit I decided that my place was on the road. I sold everything I owned that wasn’t climbing or camping gear related and made myself a promise that I would never leave the road again once back on it. My pursuit of the never-ending road trip started in 2009. I’ve been climbing and writing like a mad man since then and plan on doing just that over the next couple years at various crags across the world.

The following things have been said about me:

  • A self-proclaimed climbing junky, a philosopher of sorts, and in a previous life his name was Giles.

  • A hardcore dude that’s ultra motivated and never taking shit lightly. He has tons of random interests and freaks out over the small shit.

  • A funny guy that’s always goofing around and is always trying to have a damn good time.

  • Nice to almost everyone but if he dislikes you he will let you know in someway.

  • Reminds me of an Elmer Fudd that would shoot your ass if you’re messing around but is down to put it behind him in the pursuit of a good smoke.

But I guess my great friend Kim said it the best and this is who I feel I am in a nutshell:

Greg has one purpose in life and that’s to climb. He has said screw you to the paved path to the corporate world and has escaped to the outer limits of society to find his true self in nature even though he had to push aside work, family, friends, and even some of his better knowledge to do so. Rocks are his security. his passion, his life, and the greatest beauty he has ever been surrounded by. He has not always made the best choices, and he may have a few regrets, but I know that selling his soul to the boulders was the greatest decision he has have come to obtain so far. He lives for himself, and no one else. He is defiantly independent and a lot stronger because of his recent decisions.

My blog on Climbing.com will be a hilarious display of interesting topics that any climber can relate to and will be updated quite often. I hope you guys enjoy!

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