About Kaare Iverson


Meditation on top of the Dali Stone, Hampi, India. Photo courtesy of www.flickr.com/photos/kiverson


Writer, Photographer, Climber, Professional BumSince his first whipper and the surge of misdirect aggression and adrenaline that followed, Kaare has spent an unreasonable amount of time obsessing over the sport of climbing. In a season of winter traveling that only afforded him an occasional gym session he began a focus in photography (like a nicotine patch for a granite addiction), met the right people in the right places and redirected his life to the aesthetics of the digital photo.After cutting a few swathes across the world in pursuit of the perfect image, Kaare rediscovered his dehydrated and stiff climbing shoes in the bottom of his pack, took one last picture of a stray Goan cow and headed straight to Hampi.Climbing now for the last year or so in Asia, Kaare is packed up and climbing his way from the limestone of China to the granite slabs of Norway.Click Here for KAARE IVERSON'S Blog. Get the RSS Feed

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