About Misty Murphy


Listen to Misty's music at her website www.mistymurphy.com or on itunes.


Climber/musician/observer of the obscure from Salt Lake City and currently living in St. George, Utah.

Misty is a musician who took up rock climbing 12 years ago. In that time she has wandered the desert of the western US searching for virgin limestone with her husband and climbing partner Bill Ohran. This passion led her to set up base in Southern Utah, where she has bolted sport routes and found new climbing areas. Misty has redpointed 5.13 while still pursuing her other passion, music.

In the spring of 2008 Misty released her 2nd solo CD, Venus which she produced, mixed, and wrote in her home studio. She also collaborated with fellow rock climber and musician, Odub, on a tribute song to Todd Skinner called 'Float'. Misty has been able to mesh her two passions together by playing at climbing events such as; the Outdoor Retailers show, several HERA foundation events, and the International Climber's Meet (American Alpine Club) in Indian Creek. Misty's music has also been featured in climbing videos by Mike Call, Kolin Powick and Jorge Visser.

Misty sport climbing near her home in St. George, Utah.


Misty has found that chronicling her climbing days through photos and writing to be very fulfilling and entertaining. Enjoy her blog!

Listen to Misty's music at her website www.mistymurphy.com or on itunes. And see more about what Misty's been up to at her blogspot page.

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