About Peter Mortimer


Photo by Caroline Treadway


Boulder Colorado based climber and filmmaker Peter Mortimer has always been obsessed with adventure and climbing in the mountains. After getting a BA (with honors) in geology from Colorado College he decided what he really wanted to do is make movies, so he got an MFA from USC's School of Cinema and Television. Then he set off to produce something about what makes trad climbers tick and and that film became Scary Faces (2000). Most of Peter's work is focused around the bolder side of climbing like free soloing, headpointing, BASE jumping and high lining.

He's also produced Front Range Freaks (2003), Return2Sender (2005), King Lines (co-produced with Josh Lowell in 2007) and First Ascent (2007) and now the Sharp End (2008) and over the years won over 50 awards at international film festivals.

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