About Sara Lingafelter

Sara Lingafelter buckling up. Photo by Kari Hathorn

Sara Lingafelter buckling up. Photo by Kari Hathorn

Climber, writer and compulsive climber-meeter

Sara is a climber, writer, outdoor industry newbie, and recovering attorney based in the Pacific Northwest. When not writing about climbing, Sara can be found climbing indoors at locations around Washington, outdoors around the Western United States, or, striking up conversations with other climbers at the crag and other climbing haunts. She's been "in it" since 2004, and is transitioning from being a reliable follower to a leader in her own right. Outside of climbing, Sara currently works in environmental policy and her own small private law practice, although the "day job" is a work in progress. She's also an unofficial "#climb community" den mother over at Twitter.com, a chronic gear tester and reviewer, and someday, might just take up salsa dancing more seriously.Home crags: Everywhere between Squamish BC and Joshua Tree, but especially Leavenworth, North Bend (Exit 32 and 38), Index, Tieton, and new favorite Mazama, WA.

For more about Sara, visit her website: rockclimbergirl.com.

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