Why is windproof protection so important? Consider this: With a wind speed of 20 mph, a temperature of 41ºF will feel like 17ºF - in just two minutes. Instead of being put toward your performance, all your energy will soon be focused on trying to keep your body warm. Slam the door on windchill and protect the warm but highly sensitive microclimate that surrounds your skin. WINDSTOPPER® fabrics are 100% windproof and keep you up to 2.5 times.

Lower heartbeat. Lower exertion rate. Higher average speeds. These are just three performance-boosting reasons why you should opt for highly breathable fabrics. Need more? How about this: During heavy exertion, our bodies can release over 4 cups of perspiration in an hour, and up to 17 cups during a world-class marathon. Only the most breathable fabrics can handle this much sweat to prevent you from overheating and eventually becoming chilled.

WINDSTOPPER® products are 2X more breathable than comparable windproof products, and offer the same level of breathability as comparable non-windproof products. What makes them so breathable? The 1.4 billion micropores in every square inch of the WINDSTOPPER® membrane let water vapor escape virtually unhindered, even when you're working at maximum intensity.

WINDSTOPPER® Technical Fleece provides more warmth and comfort than non-windproof fleece with less bulk by combining total windproofness and maximum breathability. WINDSTOPPER® Technical Fleece is effective as a mid-layer or outer layer, keeping you warm and comfortable in cool and windy conditions.

About GoreAt W. L. Gore & Associates, our products are designed to be the highest quality in their class and revolutionary in their effect. We resolutely live up to our product promises, and our associates address technical challenges with innovative, reliable solutions. The company began in 1958, when Bill and Vieve Gore set out to explore opportunities for fluorocarbon polymers, especially polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Within the first twelve years, Gore had wire and cables on the moon and operations worldwide. Today, our enterprise is comprised of approximately 8,000 associates in more than 45 locations around the world. Annual revenues top $2 billion. Our fluoropolymer products provide innovative solutions throughout industry, in next-generation electronics, for medical products, and with high-performance fabrics. We've repeatedly been named among the "100 Best Companies to Work for in America," by FORTUNE magazine, and our culture is a model for contemporary organizations seeking growth by unleashing creativity and fostering team-work. While we may be best known for our GORE-TEX® fabrics, all our products are distinguished in their markets. Our technologies and fluoropolymer expertise are unsurpassed. We create next-generation cable assemblies and components for the electronics industry, set the standard for outerwear comfort and protection, solve difficult industrial problems with innovative materials and technology, and Gore medical products work in harmony with the body's own tissues to restore normal body function. We take our reputation for product leadership seriously, continually delivering new products and better solutions to the marketplaces of the world.

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