ABS 12 Youth Nationals Results


2/23/11 - Just a week after ABS 12 National Championships, ABS 12 Youth Nationals transpired in the same warehouse in Boulder, Colorado. More than 300 athletes under 19 years old competed for spots on the U.S. Junior Bouldering Team.

Qualifiers took place on Friday, semi-finals on Saturday, and finals on Sunday. The top finishers from each category (five each for males and females) will be offered a spot on the U.S. team. Francesca Metcalf and Alex Johnson took the gold for Female and Male Juniors. This marks the second medal in less than two weeks for the competitors: they also competed in ABS Nationals the previous weekend, with both placing second. (For the 2010/2011 season, youth competitors may also compete in adult competitions if born in 1995 or earlier.)

**Climbers in bold were featured in Urban Climber No. 45: "Young Guns 2010." Click the name to read more about the athlete.

Female Junior:

  1. Francesca Metcalf

  2. Isabelle Faus

  3. Jesse Youngwerth

  4. Tyler Youngwerth

  5. Lisa Chulich

  6. Lila Neahring

Male Junior:

  1. Alex Johnson

  2. Griffin Whiteside

  3. Michael Beyer

  4. Eric Sanchez

  5. Josef Maier

  6. Alex Fritz

Female A:

  1. Dana Riddle

  2. Michaela Kiersch

  3. Audrey Hsu

  4. Faith Sullivan

  5. Ana Stirniman

  6. Tris Sampson

Male A:

  1. Andy Lamb

  2. Joseph Gifford

  3. Joshua Levin

  4. Michael Orourke

  5. Ryan Copeland

  6. Asher Shay-Nemirow

Female B:

  1. Zoe Steinberg

  2. Megan Mascarenas

  3. Kerry Scott

  4. Clara Dixon

  5. Jacquelyn Wu

  6. Laurel Todd

Male B:

  1. Nicholas Picarella

  2. Daniel Berman

  3. Liam Vance

  4. Nathaniel Coleman

  5. Calvin Wagner

  6. Remi Arata

Female C:

  1. Margo Hayes

  2. Isabelle Goodacre

  3. Claire Buhrfeind

  4. Grace Kane

  5. Sidney Trinidad

  6. Beth Vince

Male C:

  1. Sam Kim

  2. Kai Lightner

  3. Charles Barron

  4. Shawn Raboutou

  5. Walker Davis

  6. Sam Enright

Female D:

  1. Ashima Shiraishi

  2. Brooke Raboutou

  3. Lauren Bair

  4. Maya Johnson

  5. Stella Noble

  6. Ruby Huie

Male D:

  1. Mirko Caballero

  2. Joe Goodacre

  3. Lucas Strauss-Wise

  4. Matthew Grossman

  5. Ben Witham

  6. Aiden Sleavin