ABS 13 Youth Nationals Results Are In

Michael O'Rourke, winner of Male Juniors, on a finals problem. Photo by Dylan Huey

Michael O

3/8/12 - Last weekend saw the American Bouldering Series Youth National Championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a week after ABS Open Nationals. More than 350 youth climbers gathered to compete in the four divisions: Junior (18-19 yo), Youth A (15-16 yo), Youth B (13-14 yo), Youth C (11-12 yo), and Youth D (10 and younger). Below are the top six in each category. (You'll recognize some of the names from ABS Open the week before—ABS allows competitors born in 1996 or earlier to compete in the adult division.)

Team Texas (575 points) came in first, followed by Team ABC (550 points) and Zero Gravity Climbing (523 points). Vertical World (454 points) came in fourth, Stone Gardens Junior Team (253 points) in fifth, and Earth Treks (244 points) in sixth. Seventy teams were registered.

Female Juniors

  1. Cicada Jenerik

  2. Francesca Metcalf

  3. Audrey Hsu

  4. Faith Sullivan

  5. Michaela Kiersch

  6. Rachel Pienknagura

Male Juniors

  1. Michael O'Rourke

  2. Alex Fritz

  3. Joseph Gifford

  4. Joshua Levin

  5. Kyle Francis

  6. Shane Puccio

Cicada Jenerik finishes up a finals problem. Photo by Dylan Huey

Cicada Jenerik finishes up a finals problem. Photo by Dylan Huey

Female Youth A

  1. Kyra Condie

  2. Jacquelyn Wu

  3. Dana Riddle

  4. Laurel Todd

  5. Kerry Scott

  6. Zoe Steinberg

Male Youth A

  1. Nicholas Milburn

  2. Dylan Barks

  3. Nicholas Picarella

  4. Luke Ashley

  5. Asher Shay-Nemirow

  6. Luke Kiefer

Female Youth B

  1. Megan Mascarenas

  2. Clare Dixon

  3. Katherine Lamb

  4. Margo Hayes

  5. Annalisa Flynn

  6. Isabelle Goodacre

Male Youth B

  1. Nathaniel Coleman

  2. Brendan Mitchell

  3. Shawn Raboutou

  4. Charles Barron

  5. Solomon Barth

  6. Sam Kim

Female Youth C

  1. Sidney Trinidad

  2. Melina Costanza

  3. Cierra Graham

  4. Lia Messinger

  5. Louise Tester

  6. Bimini Horstmann

Male Youth C

  1. Jake Fields

  2. Gavin Dixon

  3. Lukas Strauss-Wise

  4. Rudolph Ruana

  5. Timmy Dolan

Female Youth D

  1. Ashima Shiraishi

  2. Lauren Bair

  3. Natalia Grossman

  4. Brooke Raboutou

  5. Stella Noble

  6. Ravelle Nelson

Male Youth D

  1. Mirko Caballero

  2. Joe Goodacre

  3. Clay Gordon

  4. Dylan Duregger

  5. Peyton McCallister

  6. Nathaniel Surma

See full results here.