Adam Ondra: Two 5.15's in a Week

Adam Ondra: Two 5.15's in a Week

Adam Ondra, the Czech wunderkind who just turned 15, celebrated his birthday and a short break from high school by climbing two 5.15a routes in a week.

Visiting Santa Linya in Spain, Ondra redpointed La Novena Enmienda (9a+/5.15a) and onsighted Digital System (8c/5.14b) during the same day. Ondra had climbed portions of the Novena Enmienda link-up last year. The very next day, Ondra redpointed Fuck the System (9a/5.14d) at Santa Linya on just his third try.

Four days later, the young Czech repeated La Rambla (9a+/5.15a) at Siurana in just five tries over two days, after working on the route a bit last year. Until now, Ondra’s hardest redpoints had been 5.14d. A climber since he was 6, Ondra climbed his first 5.14 at age 11.

The Norwegian Magnus Midtboe, 19, also redpointed La Novena Enmienda, making the sixth ascent of the 52-meter route.

Watch this video of Ondra smoothly redpointing Fuck the System (9a/5.14d):

Dates of Ascents: February 2008,,

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