Adam Ondra: New 5.14d in Norway


Adam Ondra on Illusionist (5.14d). Photo by Petr Pavlíček

5/31/13- Czech climber Adam Ondra established a new 5.14d route, Illusionist, in Flatanger’s Hanshelleren cave during his trip to Norway this month.

The line is short and bouldery, with a difficult dyno low to the ground, according to filmmaker Petr Pavlíček who accompanied Ondra to northern Europe in production of his upcoming film, Change. Ondra wrote on his scorecard that he bolted the route by chance; he intended to use the powerful 5.13+ moves as a finger warmup for his other projects, but he found the route to be much harder than he’d anticipated. Illusionist is one of four new routes Ondra established in the Flatanger cave; the others include Dharma (5.14c), The Doorkeeper (5.13d), and Berntsenbanden Extension (5.13b). Flatanger is also home to Change, what Ondra called the world's first 5.15c.

Date of ascent: May 27, 2013

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