Alex Megos Adds Hollow Mountain Cave's Hardest Link-Up (5.15a)


8/26/13 - German phenom Alex Megos may have broken set another climbing record in Australia: A week after making the first ascent of Australia's hardest route, the 20-year-old has established a new link-up in the Grampians' Hollow Mountain Cave, where the famed Wheel of Life traverses the length of the cave.

What Megos is calling Wheelchair begins on the Wheel of Life, moves halfway through Sleepy Hollow, and then traverses into Stimulation and finishes there, which is also the end to Silverchair. Megos isn't sure about the grade, but says Wheelchair feels harder than the Wheel of Life and is suggesting 5.15a. Though given a route grade due to its length, Megos (and previous Wheel of Life ascensionists) think the climb feels like a boulder problem. If the grade stands, this would be the hardest problem in Australia.

Megos made another link-up he called Stimulating Cartwheel (5.14d) that starts on Stuck South of the Border (V12) and climbs the rest of the Wheel of Life. In another cave, he established a V13 he calls Sultan of Swing.

Date of ascent: August 2013