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Alex Puccio joins Five Ten Team

Photo by Wade David

Photo by Wade David

Five Ten is pleased to announce the addition of Alex Puccio to its team of athletes. Boulder-based Puccio, 18, is the country’s female top competition climber. She won the ABS National Championships in ’06, ’07 and ’08, and the Teva Games in ’06 and ’07. In addition to being on the forefront of comp climbing, Puccio is an extremely strong boulderer, and has been picking off some very noteworthy boulder problems, including Schwere Gustov V11 (Hueco Tanks); The Kind Traverse V11 (RMNP); Bierstadt V10 (Mt. Evans); Resident Evil V10, Finger Hut V10, and Freak V10 (Joe's Valley); And Swiss Crisp Mix V10 (Hueco Tanks).

Says Puccio, “I’m very excited to be a part of 5.10's team! I have been friends with most of the people at 5.10 for a while now and I think they are GREAT people to surround myself with. And not only does Five Ten have great people, but FANTASTIC shoes! Stealth Rubber sticks to perfection. I'm NEVER concerned about my feet slipping off a hold when wearing Stealth — I just climb with confidence, and climb hard!! With great confidence comes great achievements and I'm excited for 5.10 to be there with me as I continue my journey.”

Charles Cole, founder of Five Ten, says that adding Alex Puccio to the team has been a priority. “We knew Alex loves Stealth rubber,” adds Cole, “so we knew she was smart, in addition to being an excellent climber. And we like smart climbers!”

The addition of Puccio to Five Ten’s team of climbers is part of the company’s newly restructured athlete program. This year, Five Ten launched a youth team initiative to help support young developing climbers. It has also focused more closely on both its men’s and women’s teams. Five Ten enjoys the support of strong male leaders such as Dean Potter, Sonnie Trotter, David Graham, Kevin Jorgeson, Paul Robinson, Ethan Pringle, Brett Johnston and Carlo Traversi. The women’s team includes topguns such as Steph Davis, Katie Brown, Alex Johnson, Ally Dorey, Colette McInererny, Jody Hanson, Kate Reese and now Alex Puccio.

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