Allez! Josune Interviewed VOLUME 1.5 - SEPTEMBER, 2006


Jousune Bereziartu

This climber from the Basque Country appeared on the climbing competition scene only seven years ago, drown by her fans. Although she prefers isolated climbing in the quite mountains, she is so devoted to the climbing world to even make an appearance in Arco to receive the Slewa Rock Award for her ability to raise the grade of female sport climbing with last year ascents of Bimba Luna 9a+ and Noia 9a, both in Italy.

She climbs as a mature woman, but she has the humorous spirit of a child; she keeps denying that she is indeed the best female climber on the sport-climbing scenario, and she sustains that she climbs because she likes it. If only anyone could do the things they like with her strength, technique, and focused mind!

Age: 34

Climbing for how long? I have been climbing for only 17 years. (FV: and she says ONLY, I was still in the cradle when she put her shoes on for the first time, I figure I am not as good as she is!)

Does difficulty matters? Well, to me, yes. If I know something is hard, I push myself harder and I climb at my best.

Do you have a coach? No coach. But I have a husband who comes and trains with me.

Do you cross train? Occasionally, I hike some mountains, but for the most part I climb, eat healthy, and I do yoga to control my mind.

Where do you get your inspiration? From the mountains.

What is on your coffee table?Planet Mountain, of course.

Last climbing ascent? I have on-sigted Hydrophobia (8b+) at Mt San Cataline in Spain.

Your Secret? I breathe deeply and I look at the route before I climb it.

Pasta or Pizza? Pizza or course.

France or Itlay? Italy, what kind of question is this?

That’s the spirit!