Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar





19,341 ft

Dec 27, 2010-

Jan 9, 2011 Jul 17-Jul 30, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Climb to the highest point in Africa (and one of the seven summits) via a non-technical and un-crowded route. Our seven day porter-supported climb allows ample time to acclimatize as we trek from less than 6,000 feet to the 19,341 foot summit, passing through every ecological zone that exists in East Africa along the way. We celebrate our climb with a 3 day safari in the Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park. [Note: We also offer a climb-only (no safari) version of this expedition. Climbers summit Kilimanjaro and then return to the USA. 10 days.]



Feb 12-21, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Sitting at the southern tip of South America, Patagonia is a land of extremes, where massive storms whip off the Pacific and create huge glaciers, sculpted mountains, deep glacier lakes, and flora and fauna that exist nowhere else on earth. The Torres del Paine national park is the jewel of Patagonia, and one of the most incredible parks in the world. Walking is the only way to really experience Patagonia, far from roads and tour buses. But an extensive lodge and camp system means we do not need to carry heavy packs.




19,347 ft

Jan 9-17, 2010

Cayambe & Chimborazo Ext

20,565 ft

Jan 17-24, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Ecuador is unparalleled for learning the essential skills of high altitude climbing. Our first peak, Cotopaxi, is the world’s highest active volcano. At 19,347 feet, it is heavily glaciated and remote yet also easily accessible. Therefore, we can practice skills, acclimatize, and summit all in only a week! For those who are opting for the extension, we continue to Cayambe and then on to Chimborazo, the tallest peak in Ecuador. Its altitude, the length of the summit day, and the technical challenges make it a perfect culmination of the trip.


Iztaccihuatl & Orizaba

18,410 ft

Nov 27-Dec 5, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Mexico is a great trip for the beginner looking to build skills, the experienced climber wanting a refresher course, or anyone needing their climbing fix for the winter. This skills-intensive program will focus on building your glacier mountaineering skills and climbing the tallest and third-tallest peaks in Mexico in the process. Summit day on Orizaba, the third highest peak in North America, travels over 4,500 vertical feet, and is a true test of our skills + acclimatization.


Mt Elbrus

18,510 ft

Jul 31-Aug 15, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Mt. Elbrus, a dormant, double-coned volcano, rises to 18,510 feet. Elbrus is the highest point in all of Europe (& Russia), making this climb one of the renowned ‘Seven Summits’. Boasting 22 glaciers on the peak, this is the perfect introductory climb for anyone with a strong fitness level who wishes to build glacier climbing skills, climb a moderate high altitude peak, and explore the fascinating and diverse Russian culture in the Caucus mountains and the famed cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow.



Peq. Alpamayo, Huayna Potosi

19,975 ft

Aug 6-22, 2010

Illimani Extension

21,125 ft

Aug 22-27, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Bolivia offers a unique opportunity for adventurous climbers. After exploring the world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca, we attempt our first peak, Pequeno Alpamayo (17,482 feet). After this, we head to Huayna Potosi. The summit day route is comprised of steep glacier travel, crevasses, and a final airy ridge to the summit. For those who have opted for the extension, we travel to Illimani, the tallest peak in the Cordillera Real. It looms over La Paz, and climbers are awed by its steep flanks and sheer size.


Pisco & Chopicalqui

20,848 ft

Jun 23-Jul 11, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Our guides have run this trip for 12 years, and agree that there is no better place for building the skills essential to major expeditions. Each of these two peaks requires placing 3 camps in order to ascend the 9,000 vertical feet from base to summit. Pisco is ideal for refining crampon technique, leading your rope team, and acclimatization. An ascent of Chopicalqui requires endurance, glacier technique, and an ability to climb short but steep ice headwalls while ascending its knife-edge summit ridge.



22,841 ft

Jan 22–Feb 13, 2011

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Aconcagua, 22,841 feet, is famous for many reasons – it is the tallest peak in the Western hemisphere; it’s the ideal training ground for 8,000 meter peaks; it can be climbed without prior technical experience; it’s one of the 7 summits; it occasionally sees huge storms, cold temperatures and savage winds. A summit of Aconcagua is a proud achievement, and takes two weeks of hard work – acclimatizing, setting camps, and carrying loads – before you earn your summit bid.

Advanced[Note: Advanced expeditions are generally run on a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio. While we offer the four following open-enrollment options, most advanced expeditions are privates.]


Alpamayo & Quitaraju

19,820 ft

Jul 10-25, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Alpamayo has often been called the most beautiful peak in the world. After ascending 10,000 vertical feet of hiking, scrambling, and glacier climbing, we camp at 18,000 feet below the fluted Southwest Face. 8 pitches of two-tool grade 3 ice take us from there to the knife-edge summit. From the same high camp, we also attempt the North Face of Quitaraju–12 pitches of 60-degree ice climbing! These climbs require strong climbing and expedition skills, and are excellent primers on alpine-style climbing.


Ama Dablam

22,525 ft

Oct 13–Nov 14, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Ama Dablam towers 10,000 feet above Sherpa villages at the entrance to the Everest Valley. Our expedition will test all of your mountaineering skills. The route is consistently technical, with rock climbing to 5.8 and grade 4 ice. By utilizing a comfortable basecamp, a great cook, and a 1:1 climber to guide ratio, we have been highly successful on this challenging peak. Ama Dablam is the culmination of our teaching system and mission, and an ideal stepping-stone to independent expeditions on big peaks.



26,759 ft

Aug 27- Oct 10, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Alpenglow runs Manaslu (the world’s 8th highest peak) in partnership with Himalayan Experience. We are excited to be pioneering commercial trips on this formidable mountain. A heli flight takes us from Kathmandu to the lush valley village of Samagon, where we camp for a few days before heading up to base camp. We have opted to put up four camps on Manaslu in order to maximize the likelihood of our summit on this demanding peak. We consider this to be excellent training for Everest.

**please note price is in Euros**



29,035 ft

Mar 29-June 7, 2010

Alpenglow Expeditions 2010 Calendar

Alpenglow runs Everest in partnership with Himalayan Experience. The pinnacle of many mountaineer’s goals, we take the North Ridge because we consider it to be the safest. Technically, it is more challenging than the South Side but does not have the ice fall danger. Our Advanced Base Camp (6,400m) is right under the shadow of Changtse and has a view of virtually the whole route. From here we use four more camps, a formula that has brought us considerable success in the past.

Alpenglow Expeditions was founded by Adrian Ballinger in 2004 after he had worked for nearly a decade as head guide and director of one of the largest international guide services in the USA. Alpenglow Expeditions was created to combine our guide's passion for climbing big mountains with their desire to teach others. We focus on high altitude expeditions, technical rock and ice climbing, and ski mountaineering on five continents. All of our trips are led by AMGA certified guides with a talent for sharing their knowledge with others. Our expeditions challenge climbers to expand their decision- making experience and become more efficient and competent in the mountains. Every one of these expeditions is run as a partnership between the guide and team member, ensuring maximum learning, enjoyment and safety.

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