Andrada Ticks Second Possible 5.15


Maximizing the last days of spring before hot weather settles on northern Spain, Dani Andrada has redpointed his second possible 5.15 in a single month. The latest is La Novena Enmienda, a 52-meter combination of 5.14c and “hard” 5.14b routes at Santa Linya, an enormous cave mostly developed by Andrada. He proposed a grade of 9a+/9b, or 5.15a/b, for the new link-up, according to Andrada, 30, is in the best shape of his life and has claimed half a dozen 5.14+ or harder new routes this year. Just a month ago, Andrada linked parts of three routes at Terradets to create Definición de Resistencia Demòcrata, which he suggested could be 5.15a.