Andrea Hah: Second Aussie Woman to Climb 5.14b


2/20/13 - Andrea Hah has become the second Australian woman to climb 5.14b/33 with Tiger Cat at the Elphinstone crag in her country's Blue Mountains.

Monique Forestier was the first female Aussie to climb 5.14b in March 2012 with Oliana, Spain's Fish Eye, but Hah is the first to do it on home soil. Native Lee Cossey made the first ascent of the steep 100-foot Tiger Cat in January. Hah was adamant the route would suit her and began a training program with the long-term goal of climbing it. However, making gradual progress each day, it took Hah just 14 days to finish the route, which she describes as having "two distinctive bouldery cruxes down low… which go at about V7. This leads into a good rest, [and then it's] a race of about 20 consistent moves on average holds with no good rests to the top."

Hah recalls her first attempt on the send day as "feeling amazing—holds that I usually had to work on felt like jugs. Before I [climbed it], I was falling off the last move because I was way too casual." However, her second try that day was successful: "I crawled my way through the bottom cruxes, and screamed my way up the last move. I ensured there was no casualness about it at all," says Hah.

Date of ascent: February 15, 2013