Andreas Bindhammer Makes Second Ascent of Abyss


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Andreas Bindhammer Makes Second Ascent of Abyss

On October 26, Andreas Bindhammer made the second ascent of Abyss (5.14d) in Déversé (Gorges du Loup; Nice, France). The redpoint came after working the route for 16 days over six weeks (equating to over 50 attempts total) — that's perseverance! The 65-foot Abyss climbs a severely overhanging (45 degree to 70 degree) section of limestone "balls" and tufas for 40 moves without rest, with intense pinching and intricate footwork.

"With the two footholds I broke that are now missing, my feeling is that it's a really hard 9a (5.14d), I would say 9a/a+ (5.14d/15a)," says Bindhammer. "But, it's really hard for me to suggest, because I have never done a route with this resistant style. Both [5.14d routes] I did before are routes with a rest point in the middle. On the other hand I think that I'm really strong on pinch holds, and the route [Abyss] nearly consists only of pinch holds and felt really hard to me." Abyss is a natural route.

This is the third 5.14d for Bindhammer. His first 5.14d, a first ascent of Kinematix in Gorges du Loup, France, was climbed on October 6, 2001; the second, Ground Zero (5.14d) in Tetto di Sarre, Italy, on October 8, 2002.

Alex Chabot made the first ascent of Abyss on July 28, 2006.

Date of Ascent: October 26, 2006

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